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Coated ball

Plated balls
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  • Zinc Coated Balls Nickel Coated Balls Copper Coated Balls Chrome Coated Balls Brass Coated Balls Silver Coated Balls Imitation Gold Coated Balls Black Oxide Pinballs etc
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    • Plated balls
    • Plated balls
    • Plated balls
    • Plated balls
    • Plated balls
    • Plated balls
Product information:

HUARI also produces balls in other special materials such as zinc coated balls, nickel coated balls, copper coated balls, chrome coated balls, brass coated balls, silver coated balls, imitation gold coated balls, black oxide pin balls, etc. These balls are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. Balls in these materials are manufactured according to the specific requirements of customers. HUARI is always working on developing new products to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Coated Balls
Zinc CoatedElectrolysis process used to increase corrosion resistance, it is particularly suitable even for decorative applications.
Copper CoatedIt is used mainly to increase the electric conductivity of balls.
Chrome CoatedImproving surface finish and increasing the corrosion resistance. The surface can be bright or matte finish.
Brass CoatedElectrolytic treatment used mainly for decorative applications. It makes easier the adherence of rubber on the surface of the metals.
Silver CoatedElectrolytic treatment, improving corrosion resistance and surface finish. It is used even in the electrical and optical fields. It is protected by a passivation.
Imitation Gold CoatedElectrolytic treatment mainly used in the electronic field and for decorative applications.
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