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Glass ball

1.588mm to 50.8mm Glass Ball
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    • 1.588mm to 50.8mm Glass Ball
Product information:
High Precision Glass Ball
We factory mainly produced high precision glass balls of 1.5mm-8mm,divide into bright glass ball and grinding glass ball,it is
mainly used in sprayer,all kinds of scent bottle,pneumatic gun,decoration,mainly color is transparent.
Borosilicate glass balls are made from the special glass of the first hydrolytic class, which is wellknown for its stability and
pressure resistance,good workability and high thermal shock resistance due to its low rate of thermal expansion.
Borosilicate glass balls are resistant to corrosion and remain absolutely neutral, even to aggressive chemicals in nearly all
fields of chemistry. It is extremely resistant to water, acids, organic substances and halogens and it also has a high alkali
In all:
(1).Borosilicate glass balls can withstand high thermal shock;
(2).extend exposure to temperatures of up to 600'F(290'C)
(3).It have very high electrical resistivity and dielectric strength;
(4).It have high chemical stability, withstands high applied torque loads.
Product Paramenters
Glass Ball
1. Material
Sodalime, Borosilicate, K9, K5
2. Size Range
3. Tolerance
±0.01mm, ±0.015mm, ±0.02mm
4. Color
Clear transparent, blue green red orange amber
5. Application
Bearings, lotion pump, sprayers, roll on bottle, plasyic valves, purfume sprayer, wine bottle, decoration, spray paint, grinding
food, trigger spray, etc.
6. Main component
7.Surface finish
Ground - 20-30 RMS Polished - 10-20RMS
2.4 gm/cm

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